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Infographic: Get The Facts On Electric Puller/Tensioner Equipment

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If you’re worried about using electric puller/tensioner equipment because you think you’ll lose efficiency or effectiveness, it’s time to get the facts.

We get it — diesel-powered equipment has been the go-to solution for a long time. But what if you could avoid the negative effects that diesel engines have on the safety of the stringing operation, human health and the environment without sacrificing pulling and tensioning power?

Our recently published infographic, Add It Up And You Get The Green Machine Advantage, highlights the advantages that electric-run puller/tensioner equipment (such as our Green Machine) offers, compared to traditional diesel-powered equipment.

For example, workers can talk without shouting standing next to the electric puller/tensioner, which creates a safer and more pleasant work environment. In addition, they aren’t exposed to any short- or long-term health risks.

Besides, if you’re installing electric power lines, doesn’t it just make sense to use electric-powered pulling and tensioning equipment?

Even better, you’re not sacrificing power or performance. The Green Machine runs for two days of stringing work on a single charge, at 4,000 pounds continuous line pull at full drum. It also has higher starting torque when initiating the pull, compared to a diesel-powered unit. As an added bonus, the unit operating as a tensioner charges itself!

You don’t have to make a tradeoff. Electric puller/tensioner equipment provides you with a solution that’s significantly safer for your linemen, kinder to neighbors in the construction zone, environmentally friendly and powerful.

Learn more facts about how TSE’s Green Machine compares to diesel-run equipment.

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Infographic: Get The Facts On Electric Puller/Tensioner Equipment
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