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How An Electric-Powered Puller/Tensioner Saves You Money

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Whether you work for a municipality or a utilities company, your budget is likely tight in terms of purchasing new puller/tensioner equipment. You need to receive the highest value for the most cost-efficient investment, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or eco-innovation.

Did you know that an electric-powered puller/tensioner machine is more affordable overall than a diesel-fueled machine? The fact is that an electric-powered machine comes with substantial cost-savings benefits in addition to improved worker and environmental safety.

Only one company is manufacturing electric-powered puller/tensioners, and the purchase price is lower than its diesel machines. But the cost savings continue from there in these ways:

Significantly Reduce Regular Maintenance Costs

Diesel-powered puller/tensioner equipment requires regular maintenance and repairs, which means more production downtime and money lost. Likewise, diesel-powered equipment comes with additional operational costs, such as fuel, filters, oil and coolant.

An electric-powered puller/tensioner requires less maintenance, allowing you to keep production volume high. Also, the battery doesn’t require any fuel or fluids, aside from some occasional grease fittings that should be included with the machine.

By reducing spending and waste (often up to 89%) on maintenance or repairs, you lower your organizational costs and increase profitability.

Get Ahead Of Regulation Changes And Penalties

Your company may already mandate that you purchase “green” equipment. This is actually a proactive management strategy, as any organization using large diesel equipment will eventually face changing environmental regulations. It’s best to take a proactive approach to such changes.

Capture Green Tax Incentives To Fund Investments

Tax credits and deductions can make a significant impact on your bottom line. Green tax incentives may offer a dollar-for-dollar reduction of your income tax bill, and various programs exist at the state and federal level.

Few businesses are taking advantage of green tax incentives, meaning a lot of government funding money is being left on the table. These programs help fund investments in green initiatives, and help you purchase new equipment that is more environmentally friendly.

When you partner with a puller/tensioner equipment manufacturer to purchase green equipment, the manufacturer can point you in the right direction to start the process of capturing credits and funding your new, cost-efficient purchase.

Still wondering if electric cable pulling equipment is the right investment for your business? Discover more benefits in this free infographic.

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How An Electric-Powered Puller/Tensioner Saves You Money
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