Choosing electric cable pulling equipment doesn't have to mean sacrificing power or battery life in the field. You can purchase equipment that's environmentally friendly and powerful.

TSE International has engineered the first and only puller/tensioner green machines on the market today. Schedule a free, 15-minute discovery call to learn about the many benefits, including how:

  • Our green machines are just as powerful as diesel and hydraulic systems, while also eliminating the inefficiencies and added operational costs of buying fuel, filters, and fluids like oil and coolant.
  • If used as a tensioner, the battery will regenerate power to increase the charge cycle. If the battery is fully charged when put in use, the user should get two or more days of work out of a single charge, depending on the workload.
  • The green machines are quiet, so there's no hazardous noise pollution or harsh equipment vibrations for those working on or around the machines.
  • We're slated to release other engineered pieces of electric drum pullers and underground pullers in 2017 to suit a variety of tension stringing needs.

On-Site Demo Program

At the end of our call, if you're ready to try out TSE's green machines, we'll set you up with our demo program. We'll bring a unit to your job site and let you use it.